Adventure trails

  • Trail 1. Adventure for young children – 3 years and upwards  for fun climbing
  • Trails 1-2. Two exciting trails with 20 activities and final descend for children from 5 years upwards.
  • Trails 2-5, both for youngsters and adults, include snowboarding, a Tarzan jump, a climb to the observation tower, riding a bike across the valley and a free fall dive. Each of the following trails is more difficult than the previous one. The last, 5th trail needs you to be fit and brave to climb up to 12 metres and perform a free fall dive.
  • Air dives include two long dives: the first from the top of the hill to the tower and the other from the tower back to the foot of the hill.


In 1959, some enthusiastic sportspeople started to build a ski jump kicker just outside the town in Kõrgessaare. The slope was cleared of trees, a 15-metre-long wooden slope which ascended 8 more metres from the top of the drumlin was built. The 30- metre-long inrun track with the 30-metre kicker allowed up to 32-metre jumps. However, Türi ski jump history did not last long. In 1967, a powerful storm kicked over the wooden construction of the slope. It was never reconstructed and the slopes were soon covered with.

At the beginning of 2016, with the help of Leader foundation, Türi Adventure Park had its start. The first stage involved low and high adventure courses, canopy tours; adrenalin is added through free fall dives, the observation tower and cycling on wire rope across the valley.

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