What will happen if I stay hanging on the rope or just can’t go on?

If you feel you can’t do it any more, don’t worry – you will somehow. If you really feel you can’t, call the instructor who can help you down in a specific rescue equipment. Instructors are always there for you!

Why should I take the first trail when it is not my first visit to the adventure park?

The first trail is a practice trail and obligatory for everybody. The instructor should make sure you are safely fastened and follow the safety regulations. After leaving the first trail you can skip some trails.

How long does it take to go through all the trails?

Going through the trails depends on your courange, fitness and the number of other visitors on trails. All in all you could expect it to take 1,5 – 2 hours.

Can I climb in rain?

You can, but you should be aware that rain makes the paths and platforms more slippery, yet not more dangerous for you are fastened to the rope all the way. Rain adds some spice and adrenalin to a true adventurer. You should dress according to the weather, but getting wet shouldn’t hinder the enjoyment and adventure.



But in lightning?

To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t go on trail when there is a thunderstorm. Thunderstorm can be accompanied by strong wind or the struck of lightning, which is dangerous. 

Can I climb in shorts and loose footwear?

You shouldn’t wear loose footwear, otherwise you might lose them and not feel comfortable. Shorts are no obstacle. You  could wear something comfortable and sporty.

What is the night climbing?

Night climbing is actually the same as the daytime one, darkness just adds excitement and adrenalin. At night climb you should have a head torch.

Who checks the children?

Underaged visitors should come with an adult who is responsible for the child all along the trail, which can be done either by observing on the ground or climbing together with the child. In the latter case, the adult needs to purchase a ticket.